@citrustwee before I turned down the anyone can create an account option even my own tiny instance had about a dozen in the week starting about the 8th. All random char with most not confirmed. Federation being innudated with spam bots?

@kaniini It would be interesting to see something like an integration with PGP done, or the OTR key exchange used in xmpp. Amy number of ways to do the data protection. The more difficult part is identity distribution and establishing trusts when there's no central authority involved. Should wonder if a model like KeyBase would work here.

@kaniini While I can appreciate the intent, security being my work and all, to some extent it's the antitheses to social media as a concept. Security includes privacy and control of data but the flip side being the message integrity and attribution. A readily morphed identity with no bonds to anything outside of here can never really be trusted, but tying it an external ID puts the person in jeopardy.

You will pry those shoes onto my ragged azz feet only with the help of copious wd40 and a prybar!!


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