@aral Given the amount of fuss and oposition the ACA (Obamacare) got here when it came around saying pre-existing are covered by any compliant plan, it's not a big surprise, that keeping those kind of restrictions would be a priority where it can still be gotten away with.

@neil And the game continues. Cases exist for web control, but only for systems and people that they have a right to control them for. An old style decrypting proxy or modern casb can do a lot, but if things become too opaque one gets to a 'stop all unknown' place that ruins the user experience.

@neil Less of anti-encryption and more making filters ever more difficult. Between DNS over HTTPS and the ECH mentioned here (which I believe is already a part of TLS v1.3) that would mask the SNI headers on web calls it's one more step to making the security admin's day harder.

@Catsandcatsandcats I once found a tweak in Comcast's price schedule that if you had them as an ISP and let them give you the most basic of basic cable TV (the one that pretty much just local channels and maybe CNN or something) it was actually cheaper than ISP alone after the bundle discount


The planet is warming due to human activities, primarily burning fossil fuels & deforestation.

#ClimateChange is happening here & now, and is already affecting everyone. The consequences will get worse for each bit of further warming.

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Ordering food 

@Louisa 4+ Got to give the food a fighting chance.

Horseshoe theory states that even if you don’t hit a ringer, getting it close is good enough

@hhardy01 What Fecesbook and similar did was to lower the bar to entry. While entertaining as a concept (my own first site was with ye-olde GeoCities) there are a great number of people who struggle enough to open a browser much less to construct a page, or certainly to set up any kind of interconnected communication between readers and publishers.

pandemic thoughts 

The thing is, historically, pandemics have often caused big turning points in human society which have had lasting impacts. Things like the Renaissance and the decline of serfdom in Europe.

Empires have fallen because of pandemics. Authorities have lost credibility after their failures. Societal structures and traditions have been called into question. Philosophy and politics have seen shifts. And places which committed to protecting their populations have typically emerged stronger.

If nothing else, the coronavirus has already served to highlight that the status quo, so beloved by our authorities, is inherently weak.

The old concept of "normal" is probably gone. Things will be different when this is over. What the difference will be, however, is yet to be seen.


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